Hamlet As A Hero Of The Tragedy Essays

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William Shakespeare’s Hamlet tells the tale of a young prince who seeks revenge after the death of his father, the king. Prince Hamlet goes through several incidents including feigning madness to discover the identity of his father’s murderer. His apparent behavior, however, is a major factor in the tragedy that takes place at the end of the play. Due to nature of the play, Hamlet can be seen as a hero of the tragedy. Hamlet displays three distinct characteristics that are unique to tragic heroes including his tragic flaw, his partial fault leading to his fall, and his undeserved misfortune. Foremost, one of the characteristics that categorize Hamlet as a tragic hero is his tragic flaw. Hamlet, after going into his mother’s chamber, hears a noise behind the tapestry and is quick to stab whomever was behind. Queen Gertrude is taken aback and asks the prince if he knows what he has done. Hamlet questions, “Nay, I know not. Is it the King?” (3.4.32). The person that was behind the tapestry was Polonius, Ophelia’s father. Hamlet’s decision to act quickly and kill the person who was behind the arras led to other tragedies including the death of Ophelia. Even though Hamlet has good intentions at heart, he is far from being perfect and thus the tragic flaw. Furthermore, due to Hamlet’s rash decision, Laertes decides that his father must be avenged. Claudius talks to Laertes and they both plot to kill Hamlet. Laertes mentions to Claudius, “My lord, I will be ruled, / The rather if…

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