Hamlet And Kenneth Branagh 's Hamlet Essay

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Through the creative license that artists, directors, and actors take, diverse incarnations of William Shakespeare’s classic works arise. Gregory Doran’s Hamlet and Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet bring William Shakespeare’s work by the same title to the screen, taking different approaches to present the turmoil of Shakespeare’s image as it reckons with their own respective ideas. From the diverging takes on atmosphere to the characterization of the characters themselves, the many possible readings of Hamlet create space for the modification of the presentation and meaning of the play itself. Doran presents David Tenant as Hamlet in a dark, eerie, and minimal setting–highlighting themes of family drama. Branagh, however, stars in his own film, placed into an environment of vibrant colors and extravagance and bringing to the forefront a plot of revenge. These films contrast each other in elements of setting, design, presentation, and focus, but maintain the resonance of Shakespeare’s original work. Theese differences and similarities can be identified and contextualized in the larger plot of the films and the play through the analysis of the beginning of Hamlet Act 3 Scene 4, which takes place in Gertrude’s closet.
The atmosphere and 20th century setting of Doran’s Hamlet influences the portrayal of the scene in Gertrude’s closet. Hamlet enters, comically yelling for his mother, a crown strewn upon his head. Darkness engulfs Hamlet and Gertrude, surrounding them with a solely black…

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