Hamlet : A Tragic Hero Essay

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The Shakespearean work, Hamlet, is widely regarded as one of the greatest tragedy dramas ever created. Most tragedies tend to have a main character that seems to be just bombarded by bad luck time after time again, for almost no reason at all. These characters would be tragic heroes if they match the criteria set forth by the great philosopher Aristotle. The play is basically a philosophical and supernatural tale of revenge that revolves around the main character, Hamlet. I believe Hamlet can be considered as a tragic hero by Aristotle’s theory because he has most of the major pre-requisites that Aristotle had laid out. There are three main points that nail Hamlet as a traditional tragic hero: his fatal flaw (Hamartia), his reversal of fortune (Peripeteia), and his major discovery or recognition of his flaw (Anagnorisis) among other points. A quick look into the character of Hamlet introduces the reader to a very emotional, intelligent, educated, clever, noble, and rash man who teeters between brilliance and lunacy depending on the act he is in. He is thought to be an incredibly complex character that can never be truly understood. The soliloquys and dialogues that he engages in show his advanced thought processes as well as his excessively melancholy ideas as well. For example, in one part he is wishing for the sweet embrace of death and then later he is questioning life itself or the constitutions of any woman.
Aristotle’s theory of a tragic hero contains many criteria…

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