Hamilton Howard: A Serial Killer

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On May 29th, 1870 Hamilton Howard was born in Washington D.C. Before the age of twelve, Howard changed his name to Albert Fish, but he has many alias ' such as, Gray Man, Werewolf of Wysteria, Brooklyn Vampire, Moon Maniac, Boogey Man, and Albert Fish. At the age of twelve Fish started killing people, and he quickly became a famous serial killer in the United States. He is an American Sado-masochistic serial killer and a cannibal. Fish was a father of 6 their names are Anna Fish, Gertrude Fish, Albert Fish, Eugene Fish, John Fish, and Henry Fish. Fish is sex pervert, and he does many things to his victims including Cannibalism, Coprophilia, Urophilia, Pedophilia and Masochism. Three to ten victims were stabbed and strangled by Albert Fish. …show more content…
Henry Howard Holmes or commonly just H.M. Howard, Herman Mudgett, Dr. Henry H. Holmes, Henry H. Holmes, Henry Holmes, H.H. Holmes. Holmes was the first documented serial killer in the modern. He was born on May 16th, 1861 in Gilmanton, NH and died May 7th, 1886 in Moyamensing Prison in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In Chicago Hh Holmes designed a castle where he rented rooms to unsuspecting victims in 1893. Holmes sold the skeletons of the victims he killed and sold them to local medical schools. In the Chicago Pharmacy he took over it and built it in to an elaborate maze in the year of 1893. In 2003 there was a book published by Erik Larson called The Devil in the White …show more content…
West was sexually abused by his mother Daisy West. He didn’t do well in school and eventually dropped out to become a farmer laborer. West was caught having sex with minors. When he was in trial of the young family friend that got raped he escaped a jail sentence as it was claimed as suffering or a result of head trauma but was convinced as child molestation.
The toolbox killers were Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris. Lawrence and Roy teamed up to kidnap, rape, torture and to kill teenage girls. They killed 5 young girl in the ages of 13-18. The toolbox killers met at a California state prison at Sun Luis Obispo. Norris was a sex offender and spent 4 years at a mental hospital. When Norris was released he raped again and returned. After the tool boxers were released they paired up together and they transferred a van into what they nicknamed “Murder Mach” and that’s where they began their kidnapping, murdering and rape

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