Halyard Health Case Study Essay

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On May 1 60 minutes aired the interview of Anderson Cooper with Michael Avenatti, California attorney who represents hospitals that are suing Halyard Health and Kimberly-Clark for fraud. He explained how Halyard Health, which is part of the Kimberly-Clark corporation, have been lying to people by selling defective goods. Specifically he claimed that Halyard Health have been purposely selling MICROCOOL surgical gowns that had the tendency to leak or having the sleeves fall off. As Avenatti said “They didn't tell the public. They didn't tell the FDA. They didn't tell physicians. They told no one. They kept selling the gown to the tune of millions of dollars every month.” Although some people believe that every product isn’t perfect and that a couple of gowns are expected to have some flaws, Avenatti insists that it is not just a small amount of the gowns were defected, he said majority of the gowns had flaws that could be dangerous for surgeons. Moreover, Avenatti described how Kimberly-Clark’s competitors, Cardinal Health, have tested the MICROCOOL gowns and had showed that 77 percent of the gowns had failed. In sum, his view is that, …show more content…
In my view if a company makes a product, it should be able to work properly, especially when it deals with the so safety of the customers. In addition, the vendor's should acknowledged the fact that these products are for surgeons, which they focus on helping others. Some might object to focusing on surgical gowns, of course, on the grounds that most people don’t acknowledge the importance of surgical gowns. Yet I would argue that if a surgeon was to be infected by their patient blood, then the surgeon will become ill and can’t help people anymore. Overall, I believe vendors should be more wary on what they manufacture to customer--an important point given that it could affect multiple people, not just the

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