Halo Horn Error Essay

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Subjective reaction on the part of consumers noticed by researchers when attempting to analyze consumer attitudes and their relationship to the market structure, particularly in the area of advertising or brand evaluation. For example, in theory, an individual should be able to evaluate each feature of a given brand independently and should have no difficulty giving a high rating to one feature while giving another a low rating. However, in practice, researchers have noticed that respondents have a tendency to give a high rating to all the brand's features if they like the brand, and a low rating to all the features if they do not like the brand. This is known as a halo effect.
The halo effect makes it difficult to evaluate brands in
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Said another way, if we are told that we are seeing a person that has just returned from psychiatric treatment, we will tend to interpret otherwise neutral behaviors as indicators of mental illness.

Errors to Avoid in Performance Evaluations I. Halo/Horn Effect
Halo/Horn error is the tendency to rate a person high on all performance factors or low on all of them because of a global impression one has.
Compatibility. This is the tendency to rate people whom we find pleasing of manner and personality higher than they deserve on all factors, not just interpersonal skills. Thos who agree with us, nod their heads when we talk, etc., get better ratings than their performance justifies. o The one-asset person. The glib talker, the person with the nice looks, the person with advanced degrees, or the graduate of our alma mater usually has the advantage of an upward bias when he or she is evaluated. o The high-potential effect. We often judge the person’s credentials rather than what the person has actually done for the organization. o The contrary person. The boss may find it difficult to be objective and ignore his or her private irritations with a person who disagrees too often on too many things.

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