Hallucinogenic Research Paper

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With an ancient history of civilizations using psychoactive substances as medicinal, ritual, and spiritual remedies, these drugs have shown positive treatments in more recent years. This notion that hallucinogenic drugs played a significant part in the development of religion has been extensively discussed for many years, causing controversial aspect of “hallucinogenic” or psychedelic drugs generate religious experience, and whether this experience is genuinely religious. Before considering the religious potential of psychedelic drugs, one must apply a working definition of “religion”. This paper defines religious experiences and drug-induced experiences, along with the neurological experience and the brain activity of hallucinogens. Also, …show more content…
For centuries, ancient civilizations have look toward these drugs for ritualistic and medicinal purposes, but also to induce a religious experience. Hallucinogens have a history that goes back for almost 2000 years. “The peyote cactus” which was originally banned from the U.S government but was used by Native Americans in religions practices for a long time. Indians use the peyote for spiritual strength, the ceremony consisted of an all-night prayer lead by a “healer” and everyone circles around a fire and sings while consuming peyote. Throughout the ritual, the sickness is supposed to be revealed so they may diagnose themselves. Its sole purpose is to heal a chosen individual. Though the ceremony tends to focus on one individual, everyone has the opportunity to better understand the nature of his or her own problems. It is very important to … Another drug that’s use throughout history is mushroom containing psilocybin. In central America, it was common religious practice. The substance which means “flesh of the gods” many would consume it in the morning and were used to “communicate with the gods, or to produce visions.” “before sunrise they ate the mushroom with honey, some started dancing others crying… some saw themselves die, some, saw a divine being. Today there is still fairly use of the drug, which I will

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