Halloween : A New Way For The Society Essay

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“Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat,” yells the typical child on the night of October 31st, Halloween. Halloween is now a day where children dress up in costumes, roam around neighborhoods, and ask strangers for candy. As of today Halloween is an over commercialized campaign, set to get people to buy into what America views as Halloween. Social and cultural expressions have changed over the years from traditional life and death celebrations to a modernized era of Halloween. By looking at the history behind Halloween through Celtic, Mexican, and Wiccan cultures, one can see how Halloween is now a way for the media to help producers make money off of the consumer society.
One place Halloween originated is with the Celtic people. This ancient Celtic festival is known as Samhain. This holiday takes place October 31st at sunset to November 1st at sunset. The Celtic people were superstitious about an “in between” or purgatory from the living to the dead. They would light bonfires in order to keep the “evil” spirits away. Just like today people believed that the dead would walk among the living. In winter, the Celtic people believed it was the season of ghosts and during Samhain there was a release from the Underworld. Out of fear many “Irish and Scottish Celts appeased their dead with a traditional Dumb Supper” (Belk 2010). During dinner the meal was served in absolute silence, with one place set at the table to honor the deceased. This is the night to…

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