Half of a Yellow Sun Essay

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Techniques Employed in Half of a Yellow Sun Literary Technique and Associated Theme | Explanation | Example | Abrogation-Marginalization-Alien’s Perspective | The author uses a character to explore a cultural background to gain credibility to belittling that very same culture. In HOYS, Adichie uses Ugwu to undertake an exploration in to the British rule to be able to point out the flaws in their imperialistic influence on Nigeria. | * Pg. 11 – There are two answers to the things they will teach you about our land: the real answer and the answer you will give in school to pass. * “The World Was Silent When We Died” – The book Ugwu writes dictating the war clearly represents the author’s use of him to point out the flaws of the …show more content…
1. The Wedding: Odenigbo’s and Olanna’s wedding in the latter part of the novel is interrupted by an air raid. 2. There is an irony in the phrase “It gets worse and then it gets better.” Just as this is said, tragedy begins to strike – Okeoma dies, Kainene is lost etc. | Marginalization and the Literary theory of Marxism | The author not only points out different groups or classes but also puts certain people down.-Racism-Feminism-Ethics and values | 1. “It’s this wild animal here.” Although workers have a lower social standing, Olanna’s mother completely abases the gardener’s identity as a human being. 2. “Black women were not threatening to her, were not equal rivals.” It seems to be the white people’s nature to feel superior to the Nigerians. 3. “They have a marvelous energy, really, but very little sense of hygiene, I’m afraid.” The description of Africans in general depicts them as animals. 4. “I am giving fellow Nigerians something to covet, an incentive to work hard.” Kainene openly admits the presence of the classes and the interdependence between them. 5. “A disdainful distrust that made him think of reading somewhere that the African and the European would always be irreconcilable.” 6. “You have forgotten where you come from, and now you have become so foolish you think you are a big man.” 7. “Civilized white folk wore

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