Halal Market in China Essay

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This paper aimed to evaluate Halal markets in China including Halal market potentials and challenges in China through analysis of Chinese Muslim populations (market size), purchasing powers, geographic locations (market places), and Chinese Muslim living situations in China (challenges). This paper also combated some problems relating to Halal markets in China and provided some basic information about Chinese Muslims and on Halal markets in China for potential Halal marketers.
Keywords: Chinese Muslims and Halal markets in China

As companies head towards a global market that deals with people from many different cultural backgrounds, it has
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Numerous cultural studies on consumer behaviour have been conducted, especially in western context. In those studies, differences were found in consumption patterns or behaviours between people of various ethnic groups (e.g. Saegert, Hoover and Hilger 1985) and various geographic sub-cultural groups that hold differing cultural values (e.g. Gentry, Tansuhaj, Manzer and John 1988). For instance, researchers have found differences in various consumer behaviour aspects such as brand loyalty (Saegert et al. 1985), decision making (Doran 1994), novelty seeking and perceived risk (Gentry et al. 1988) across sub-cultural groups.
Although previous studies have identified differences in various consumer behaviours across sub-cultural groups, most of the past studies dissected consumer behaviours and each study examined one or two specific aspects in a piecemeal-based way. There has been relatively little effort to examine the culture’s influence on consumer behaviours in an integrated framework.
In the context of international marketing and globalization, marketers have to decide what market strategies to be adopted in order to address a particular group of people. For example, if Malaysian marketers want to promote their Halal products to Muslims in China, they must know this market with details including where
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