Haiti Earthquake Aftermath : A Thick Cloud Of Dust Essay

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Haiti Earthquake aftermath

A thick cloud of dust evades Haiti on January 12th 2010 (Paliardy) as the 7.0 magnitude earthquake shatters the hearts and homes of many. Even though that day was grim and destructive, it was a celebration of survival for the Cherisma family. Seven days later the unexpected happened to Fabienne Cherisma “ a daughter, sister, a source of love and pride for her family.” (Carroll) Edward Linsmiers captured the sudden tragic death of an innocent teenager that day opening the eyes of society to the fearful, corrupt and poverty that Haiti was in due to the earthquake that occurred earlier that week. This photography expresses a deep cry for help by the Haitian people. Face down on the dusty rubble infested concrete roof is Fabienne Cherisma. Her lifeless body sprawled across the concrete as blood crept down the opened wound on her head. Three rectangle shaped picture frames stack under her left arm with shattered glass scattered around her. Her argyle vest hugged tightly to her body with a white undershirt underneath which flowed seamlessly to her short shirt that clung to her body. Her white sandal clung on to her right foot as her left bare black foot touched her other sandal. Vertically above Fabienne stands mostly men; two men stare nonchalantly at her a few feet away. One man has his hands filled with chairs and boxes clutching ahold of them walking towards Fabienne. Other men are carrying things or walking in different directions like ants…

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