Hair : The Natural Hair Essay

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Hair typing is a popular topic in the natural hair community. Hair type refers to the shape, direction or bend of your curl pattern. Knowing your hair type can actually benefit you greatly because it can aid you in discovering which products work best with your hair.

The System

While there are multiple hair typing systems that exist, The Andre Walker Hair Type System is the original and most widely known. Walker is a celebrity hair stylist, who accumulated a huge following, once it was revealed that he was Oprah Winfrey 's personal hair guru. His system is divided into four categories, 1, 2, 3 and 4, which dictate how the loose the curl pattern is, 4 being the thickest. They are then broken down into three sub categories of A, B, or C. The letter refers to the diameter, or width of the curl the pattern. Many black women will find that they generally fall into the 3 or 4 category.

Type 1 - Straight

This hair reflects shine easily and is very difficult to damage. Unfortunately, this hair doesn 't hold curl very well. It can also retain huge amounts of oil, because the oil can easily work it 's way down the hair shaft, without being interrupted by multiple curls and kinks. Thus, product selection is crucial. If the products are too thick, they can weigh this hair type down. Celebrity: Lucy Liu, Mindy

• Styling Tips - Avoid heavy product such as butters and creams, as this hair is sensitive to oiliness. Serums and light oils should be used sparingly.

Type 2 - Wavy…

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