Hair Shape In Colorado's Fantastic Sams

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Whether you have a modern pompadour or long layers, nothing is quite as skin tingling as getting a miniature scalp massage while your stylist washes your hair. However, did you know that certain hairstyles benefit from being cut dry rather than wet?

At Colorado’s Fantastic Sams, every service begins with a consultation for a reason. Speak with your stylist about your hairstyle to determine which haircut method is right for your tresses before they even lead you to the washing station.

Sense of Control

When hair is wet prior to being cut, the stylist has a greater sense of control, especially if your hair is particularly heavy or coarse. The hair is easier to part and secure, while also being a great deal more elastic than dry hair. If your
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It allows your hairstylist to identify and nix the bulk while adding body, which can be more difficult to spot when hair is wet and flat. If your hair is thinner or straight with a blunt edge, it can normally be trimmed easier when wet.

Understanding Hair Shape

The biggest benefit of hairstylists cutting hair dry is that they can see the shape of the hair as it’s forming, instead of the “big reveal” at the end once the hair is blow-dried. This is excellent for softer shapes, as well as letting you (the customer) see your hairstyle come to life.

Peace of Mind

Not a fan of sitting in the hairstylist’s chair as they take a pair of shears to your tresses? Dry cutting is a fantastic way to share the shaping experience at your stylist works. You will be able to see the haircut form as he/she works, as well as keep an eye on the amount of hair being taken off.

Fantastic Sams is Colorado’s affordable hair salon, offering men, women and children everything from hair highlights and coloring services to facial waxing, beard trimming and more. Visit their website to learn more about the hair salon’s services and find a location near

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