Hair And Hair Comparison

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Register to read the introduction… Apart from the same genre of theatre, one similarity between Hair and RENT is the setting. Both plays take place in New York City, particularly in the East Village. Both productions celebrate the counterculture of their day and promote individuality and eccentricity. These productions promote the notion that there is nothing wrong with striving to go against the grain, be your own person, and not worry about the stereotype society will put on you. As a result, both casts in the productions live the same type of free-spirited bohemian lifestyle. Both casts are fighting against a major historical ordeal; in Hair, the “tribe” battles against the Vietnam War draft, whereas the cast of RENT fight against the HIV/AIDS …show more content…
Marijuana is used in Hair and elicits a more fun and light-hearted vibe. There is a much darker feel in RENT with the use of harder drugs, such as heroin, being bought by dealers right off the street in public. Both shows conclude in the same type of way with a major death scene. In Hair, main character Claude dies as a casualty of war in Vietnam. In RENT, one member of the group, Angel, dies of AIDS. Throughout the play you find out that three other members are also HIV positive so the ending of the production portrays the idea that these individuals will suffer the same untimely fate as their friend.
While there are many ways one can compare the similarities between the two musicals Hair and RENT, the two musicals also have some comparisons. Hair started on Broadway, however, RENT started in an off Broadway theatre and then made its way to Broadway. Hair is a product of the hippie counter culture and sexual revolution of the late 60’s. However RENT can be viewed as a product of a viewpoint through the eyes of struggling Americans in New York City. It can also be viewed as the view point of people who have contracted the H.I.V/AIDS

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