Hades : The Gods Of Wealth Essay

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Hades was born to Cronus and Rhea, and he and several other gods participated in the triumph over the titans. He had a terrible draw when all the gods were deciding which part of the universe they would get to rule. His draw led him to become the god of the underworld and wealth. Hades married Persephone through an act of trickery, he kidnapped her to the underworld where she ate a pomegranate that caused her to stay in the underworld for a part of the year and up on Earth. Since Hades was often feared by the Greeks, not many would attempt to speak his name so they decided to refer to him with another name, Plouton, a word meaning wealth in Greek. Eventually Hades became known as the god of wealth because of his second name, Plouton. In literary texts Hades is frequently represented by a scepter and key; because it symbolizes how he protects the underworld. Hades is primarily alluded to in compositions as a character that is decidedly dismal. The way the character conducts himself should be frightening, and they should have a persevered attitude that lets them do anything that is needed in order to acquire whatever they desired. That is obviously shown when Hades abducted Persephone and makes her eat the grapefruit so she has to stay with him.

Demeter was born to Rhea, and had a daughter named Persephone. Demeter is the goddess of agriculture, produce and health, she was also considered to be the most compassionate among the gods and goddesses. She played an integral…

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