Ha Long Bay Essay

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Tran Lam Phuong Thi
Class: E4205
Instructor: Jonathan W.Lankford

I. Introduction 2
II. The Legend of Ha Long. 3
III. Several elements contribute to the beauty of Ha Long 3
IV. Places to visit in Ha Long Bay 6
V. Halong’s Cuisine 7
VI. Conclusion 9
VII.Reference 9

I. Introduction

It experienced a long history. Many places of the country have been associated with a dragon which was the first of four spiritual creatures. Image of the dragon is a familiar image in the cultural life and spiritual of the Vietnamese from thousands of years ago. Therefore, many areas of the country have been connected with them (Dragon, Unicorn, Turtle, Phoenix).
The typical Dragon Place-name is well-known in Vietnam
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Ha Long Bay in the top 7 was chosen as the new natural wonders in the top 7 of the world on 11/11/2011 (GMT).

Thanks to Ha Long poll be the new natural wonders of the world, the number of tourists who went to the bay are dramatically rising day by day. The statistics show that in 2011, the number of tourists went to Ha Long Bay is 6.6 million people, and there were 2.5 million foreign visitors. In recent years, the number of tourists has visited Ha Long Bay are higher than the previous years. If in 2005, the number of tourists to Ha Long reached nearly 1.8 million people, only three months of the end of 2011, Ha Long has welcomed 2.1 million visitors. This is more than all of 2005 combined. The first quarter of 2012 was 2.4 million that up to 20% over last year, including 420,000 foreigners.
Due formed by limestone terrain Ha Long Bay has many islands and caves. Although it not as good as the Phong Nha (Quang Binh) but a number of caves on the Ha Long Bay is well-known scenic spots, has long become destinations on their journey to visit Ha Long Bay.
Therefore, tourists are increasing. This creates a lot of jobs for local workers, promote the socio-economic development, and promote the image of people in Quang Ninh, in particular, and Vietnam in general to the world. It is a tremendous resource that Halong Bay gives smokeless industry. With beauty and the global exceptional value, Ha Long Bay has been attracting more and more tourists from all over

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