HTML And CSS: P1: Cascading Style Sheet

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HTML and CSS – P1
What CSS this?
CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is a language that describes the layout and formatting of any mock-up language for example HTML, XML and XHTML. The majority of web pages these days use CSS to present their data because CSS really brings the web pages to life.
Why it should be used?
CSS defines how the HTML structure will be presented. Being able to style the HTML elements makes it so that you can present your data in a more readable and understandable manner. It is also great for helping people with disabilities for example, creating a button that increases the font size or changes the text and background colour.
CSS is what controls the design and formatting of the majority of the web pages we
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This can be done by using the link tag in the header section of the document. External styling can be overwritten by both internal and in-line styling.

The box model – P2
The box model can be used in all HTML elements and is essentially a box that goes around the HTML element. The style of the box is defined by the element 's attributes. The box module consists of four different parts: margin, border, padding and content. The margin creates a transparent space outside the border. The border creates a border around the padding and content. The padding defines the space between the element and the boarder. The content is actually the contents of the box. This is where the element is displayed. I have written some HTML with an internal style script:

As you can see above, I am styling the P element and three classes.
P: I am styling the p element so that it will have a grey box shadow of 5px; with a pink background.
P.pad: I am styling a P class attribute with a padding property which will give the element a 20px to and bottom and a 50px left and right.
P.bdr: this class is going to give the element with the class a nice blue outset border of 5px.
P.mgn: in this class I am changing the colours of the border and give the element a

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