HRM 370: Case Analysis: Gametronics

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Register to read the introduction… The human resource department is mostly responsible to develop the systematic plan according to which they hire the staff and help to build a professional work team.

Provides consultancy:

There are many issues that the employee or work-team of an organization faces. The advantage of human resource is that it's a medium which provide all the consulting that an employee needs and also answer general queries. Human resource is very effective in an organization to settle down any managerial dispute or employee problem in a professional and proficient manner.

Building business plan:

On more advantage of human resource is that these departments actively participate in business and marketing decision. The human resource system comprises of highly dedicated professionals who have the ability to devise new plan and implement marketing strategies that would bring more business and capital to the organization.

Forethought of business:

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Here’s our implementation of those recommendations.

Problem 1:

In 1993 they had huge amount of rejected production which were not delivered.

Recommendation 1:

When Gametronics found out that their huge inventories are left over to deliver they could make another agreement with Sega and Nintendo that if they failed to accept their orders on time even though Gametronics supplied them on time, they have to have pay some penalty and later on they will have to add up those games with other major games as some free ROMS. It’s clear that in this case they have enough lacking of HR issue. If they had HR department this problem won’t be

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