HR: The Responsibilities Of Human Resources

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Hiring, firing, and recruiting; only a few of the many responsibilities of a Human Resource person. An HR person is responsible for finding people that are capable of completing the task that is asked of them in order to make a business successful. HR is also in charge of the daunting task of letting people go in the work force to keep it running efficiently. That was just a brief insight, but keep reading to learn more about this career (York 1). As mentioned above, Human Resource is responsible for many tasks throughout the day. They plan, direct, and coordinate administrative functions (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor). Basically, an HR person is like the manager of different departments, but without the …show more content…
As mentioned above, HR has many different duties that they have to fulfill. They are there to oversee the process, there are people specifically designated for assigning what kind of workers’ compensation and benefits all employees should receive. Overseeing compensation and benefits is not a priority for people in the HR department, but it is part of their job title (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
Administering job contracts and employment policies to new employees is also an important part of their job. At almost every job facility, there is a contract that has to be signed by new employees saying that they will abide by that facilities rule and regulations and it is HR’s job to get that completed (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Human Resource is also very active within the community. They put together events that get the community involved, such as community days and career fairs (Roy). These events make the community feel like the business actually cares and wants to get local people into their business and put new jobs out into the community. At the turn of the 20th century, focus moved from the machines to the
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At most businesses, all meals related to the business such as meetings or hiring new people are paid for by the company. Also, the attire is pretty relaxed, at some businesses; business casual will work on a daily basis, but may require nicer clothes on some occasions. As mentioned above, Human Resource people travel in order to recruit new employees from different colleges. All of the traveling expenses are paid for by the business (Roy). This job is going to be one of the jobs that will be needed more and more due to the fact that so many new businesses are being built. It is projected to have a thirteen percent increase in need of new employees between the years of 2012 and 2022 (Bureau of Labor

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