The Importance Of Hiring And Recruiting

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Hiring, firing, and recruiting; only a few of the many responsibilities of a Human Resource person. An HR person is responsible for finding people that are capable of completing the task that is asked of them in order to make a business successful. HR is also in charge of the daunting task of letting people go in the work force to keep it running efficiently. That was just a brief insight, but keep reading to learn more about this career (York 1). As mentioned above, Human Resource is responsible for many tasks throughout the day. They plan, direct, and coordinate administrative functions (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor). Basically, an HR person is like the manager of different departments, but without the …show more content…
If any of the information on the application is invalid, and they find out, that will automatically put that application in the disregard pile. Another important point to know about the application process is that reliability is connected to references and who have good comments to say. If the applicant is lucky enough to get past the beginning part of the hiring process, then an interview will follow. Most interviews are done face to face, but now that technology has advanced, going deeper into the technological realm, many businesses have converted to interviewing applicants over the phone or by video chat (Snell 49).
The HR department has certain criteria they use when they are looking for possible candidates to hire which include educational background, experience, criminal records, disabilities, and references. Many businesses have gone to online applications but most HR people do not like this over a hard copy due to the fact that key points can be easily changed online (Snell 4). Along with hiring, termination is also a necessary part of the job that has to be done by the HR department. When a
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Having a Bachelor’s Degree is required, but it is recommended that a person have a Master’s degree in order to be successful (Roy). In order to stand out among other people, the applicant needs to have very good interpersonal skills, good organization, management ability, and leadership qualities (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Also, an HR person needs to be able to handle disputes between two people and also make the right decision on the fly. Being able to get up in front of people and give a presentation with confidence is a bonus. This helps set one person apart from the rest (Bureau of Labor

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