HIV Epidemic Analysis

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Since the beginning of the epidemic, HIV becomes the fear of many individuals who were HIV positive. As we know today, the HIV virus can affect anyone, HIV does not discriminate specific age groups, economic background or race. According to Stephenson in his journal article, HIV Testing Behaviors and Perceptions of Risk of HIV Infection among MSM with Main Partners individuals become infected through sexual intercourse, sharing of needles, pregnancy, and blood transfusions (2015). It was very common to believe that a person with AIDS just becomes affected with AIDS, but in reality the person first becomes infected with the HIV virus, which then leads to the beginning of AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). According to the World Health …show more content…
It is possible for anyone to become infected with the HIV virus. For the same reason, it is very important to aware the public about the importance of why HIV continues to be a global public health issue. HIV holds the potential of effecting a large number of people. An statistic from AVERT, stated that in “2015, an estimated of 36. million people were living with HIV (including 1.8 million children). This statistic illustrates the number of individuals how we 're being affected my HIV in 2015. This statistic also emphasizes how HIV is affecting a big portion of the population. It has been seen, how HIV is a trans-national issue because it is affecting a number of countries and populations around the world. Comparing the data of countries display the reality of each country. For example, countries like Eastern and Southern Africa are experiencing and increase of HIV infections among their citizens, and countries like the Middle East and North Africa are shown to have fewer people infected with the HIV virus compare to Eastern and Southern Africa (see figure …show more content…
For example, now we are seeing more organizations who have decided to get involve in order to alert and educate the public on the importance of HIV and the effects it could have on the individual. One of the organization that is making a big effort to inform the public and provide assistance is the United Nation Aids. This organization has strategies on how to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030, campaigns to provide information about the issue, as well as data available to the public to educate themselves on data and reporting on the investigation done with HIV. AVERT is another organization that has put all their efforts to investigate the HIV virus and to inform. This organization surely goes in deep about HIV. In their website they provide history about the origin of HIV, provide the science to explain, What is HIV?, provide statistical information about HIV around the world, provide some of the social issues connect with the HIV, and lastly they provide information about some of the programs about HIV. Overall this organization shows a great concern about this public health issue.
It is very important that organizations continue to work together in order solve this public health issue. But most important, it is very important that we as individuals take the initiative to learn about HIV in order to educate the people around us. With everyone teaching at least one

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