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M3/ Reflect on own experience and use three examples to explain links between theory and practice
Honey and Mumford- Learning theory- Brickhill Lower School
Learning styles were developed by Peter Honey and Alan Mumford based upon the work of Kolb and they identified four distinct learning styles: Activist, Theorist, Pragmatist and Reflector.
Activists: Activists are those people who learn by doing. Activists need to get their hands dirty, to dive in with both feet first. They have an open-minded approach to learning, involving them fully and without bias in new experiences.
Theorists: These learners like to understand the theory behind the actions. They need models, concepts and facts in order to engage in the learning process. They also
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Stage 4- the other individual has to sense the message through hearing or seeing. Stage 5- the other individual has to decode the message which can be interpreted wrong through body language. Stage 6- if the message has been understood then the individual will reply.
In Putnoe Library, communication is a big factor within the provision as it helps us to communicate with members of the public what exactly is being said. Talking is a major part of learning and we are able

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