H3h3productions: A Therapeutic Analysis

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In 2005 when YouTube first launched, people would likely be shocked to hear that there was a lawsuit between two creators over the content that they were producing–it seemed entirely unheard of at the time, but last year, a lawsuit was filed between two YouTube creators, MattHossZone and h3h3productions. This is the first big lawsuit filed between two creators in YouTube history. H3h3productions, a YouTube channel created and run by husband-and-wife duo Ethan and Hila Klein, showcases the couple criticizing and reacting to content posted by other creators. The Kleins have amassed upwards of 3.6 million subscribers on h3h3productions, and more than 1.3 million on their second channel, named Ethan and Hila. The Kleins receive support and positive feedback from the community on Reddit, a highly popular forum-based website and the unofficial holy grail of the Internet. MattHossZone is a channel run by Matt Hosseinzadeh, whose content is oriented on parkour and “pick-up art,” meaning that he specializes in showing his 171,000 subscribers how to meet and become acquainted with any woman of their choice. Hoss’s videos often …show more content…
Within the couple’s 13-minute reaction, they criticize and joke about Hosseinzadeh’s video, “Bold Guy vs. Parkour Girl,” which is a five-minute long sketch involving the Bold Guy participating in competitive parkour with a girl in exchange for the chance to “do whatever he wants” to her. The Kleins featured an approximate total of three minutes of footage from Hoss’s original work in their video, which Hoss’s attorney, Tim Bukher, claimed was using “over 70% of [Hosseinzadeh’s] work while contributing nothing substantive to it.” The copyright infringement based lawsuit also read that the couple’s video did not provide a link to Hosseinzadeh’s original

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