Essay on H & M 's Advertisement

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H&M created a video advertisement featuring women of all ages, races, ethnicities, sizes, shapes, and sexualities. This advertisement challenges hegemonic femininity as it presents every woman as strong and beautiful. On one hand, H&M created an advertisement that appeals to the resurgence of the feminist movement by challenging classic beauty norms and ideals. On the other hand, H&M uses slave labour, targets customers with specific body types, and features an array of other advertisements that promote narrow representations of women who share unrealistic beauty standards (i.e. long legs, thin waist, smooth hair, arched eyebrows, etc.). H&M utilizes female empowerment and liberation as a tool to market their clothing to female consumers. Through purchasing H&M clothing, the company offers consumers a chance to “buy” female liberation and empowerment. This paper is situated within the realm of post-colonial theory and critical feminism.
H&M uses advertising psychology to analyze the wants and needs of their desired consumer. This marketing strategy aims to understand what interests and motivates the consumer in order to persuade them to purchase the marketed product. In this advertisement, H&M relies on the needs and desires of the modern woman. H&M does this by appealing to the resurgence of the feminist movement. According to Maclaren (2015), the fourth wave of feminism has emerged. “There is a fresh feminist zeitgeist coming from young activists…that seeks change in…

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