H & M : The Global Leader Of Ethical Fashion Retailing Essay

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H&M a Swedish based company and the second largest fashion retailer in the world. It is known for its trendy clothing at an affordable price. As a fashion-conscious consumer, myself, I would position the company between Macy’s and Forever21, catering to people who want the more sophisticated styling from Macy’s, but at Forever21 prices. Their quality is slightly better than their competitors, with a frequently worn shirt lasting about 3 years before it starts to develop holes.
Beyond the company’s style, price, and quality, it is a fickle company. Since the 1990s, along with companies like Nike and Walmart, H&M has been implicated in numerous scandals regarding the use of child labor and safety in their supplier factories in developing countries. Its cheap products are accompanied with the perceived image of the exploited child worker that made them (Öberseder et al., 2011). Perhaps in response to the company’s negative PR, H&M is attempting to make itself the global leader of ethical fashion retailing (Siegle, 2012). Like many other apparel companies, H&M’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) program was established in the late 1990s, but in 2008, according to the company’s CSR manager at the time, Ingrid Schullstorm, the company began a new strategy to further integrate ethical practices into its business beyond just having a CSR department (Cooper, 2009). This seems to be successful, since this year H&M won the 2016 Drapers CSR Award. H&M’s two main CSR focuses have…

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