Summary Of H. Holmes The True History Of The White City Devil

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H.H. Holmes: The True History of the White City Devil/ By: Adam Selzer

Skyhorse Publishing, 2017, 430 pages

The book I chose was The True History of the White City Devil. In this book the author describes the many scandals and murders H.H. Holmes was involved in in the late 1800's. In this report I'm going to explain some of the crimes Holmes committed and some of the reasons I enjoyed this book

Throughout this book the author tells about the life of Herman Webster Mudgett who later became known as H.H. Holmes. The author describes in great detail the various scandals and murders Holmes played a role in. The book begins by telling how Holmes got introduced to the medical field. According to the text, H.H. Holmes uncle, Nahum Wight was a
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Holmes once said he didn’t even intend on practicing medicine, but being educated in the medical field would later help his business.

After finishing college and being married twice Holmes moved to Chicago where many of his scandals took place. This is also where he built what became known as the "Murder Castle". One of the schemes Holmes used most frequently was he would buy items on credit, then sell them for cash, and never pay the original bill. The most famous story of him using this scheme was when he bought a large safe on credit and when the company came to repossess it they found that Holmes had hidden it in the walls of his home, therefor they had to leave it where it was.

The first murder committed in the castle was on April, 18, 1891. It is said that Holmes killed John Dubreuil by pouring a dark liquid down his
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The author explains all of the topics in the book very clearly. He explains every detail of the many schemes and murders H.H. Holmes was involved in over the years. In the book the author would explain an even that occurred in Holmes life, or a crime he was a part of then he would explain what most people thought happened, but he would also explain other theories as to what had happened. This allows the reader to see different theories and come up with their own opinions about each topic. I would defiantly recommend this book to a friend because this book allows the reader to learn about the many crimes H.H. Holmes was involved in.

In conclusion this was a very interesting book to read. The whole book is very easy to comprehend. Also, the author does a great job at describing how Holmes was able to con so many people. One of my favorite things about this book is how the author describes what most people think happened with a certain even and other theories about the even which allows readers to come up with their own opinions of the topic. This is a very detailed book that I would highly

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