Mother And Child Höch Analysis

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Höch’s piece titled Mother and child (German/Allermand 1889-1978) represents the face of a mother and her child together. This piece was created in the year 1931 defining the bond, which a mother and child have together. This piece is presently located in the Hamilton Ontario Canada at the McMaster university museum of art. This piece is made of oil and is placed on cotton canvas; this painting can also be seen from just one angle and view due to the fact that it is hanging on the wall. However, in this paper I will use light, color, line and shape to explain this work and the message, which it sends to the viewer.
This artwork is a highly colorful representation of a mother and her child and this depicts the love that the mother has for a
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The implied lines in this artwork are used to represent the emotions of both the mother and the child. . Höch uses a black pencil to define and depict different and major body parts in this painting such as the head, the body of the child, hands, and the neck of both the mother and the child. In this artwork, the light source is not clearly seen. However, the light source in this painting can be found on the faces of both the mother and the child. Höch uses a yellow color to bring out the light on the faces and she mixes it with different colors such as green, grey and purple. I believe that the color yellow is a good choice in a painting in order to bring out the color and light of the painting. Höch’s use of calm and warm colors enables both the mother and the child stand out of the background and gives them both a firm stand on the background. The flower being held by the child is a questionable fact in this painting however, I do believe Höch could be using this to symbolize peace in that era or the love which a child has for the mother by offering her flowers. Also, the contrast of colors used by Höch in this artwork creates the variety of colors used in this

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