Essay on Gym Layout Structure

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Case Problem 7.1
Workout plus is a health club that offers a full range of services to its clients. Recently, two others fitness club have opened up in a town, threatening workout’s solvency. While Workout is tops among serious fitness buffs, it has not attracted a wide spectrum of members, Shannon Hiller, owner and manager, has decided it’s time to face lift. She started the process by sponsoring a week long “ideathon” among all club members. Nonmembers who frequented an adjacent grocery store were also canvassed for suggestions. Their comments are provided below, along with the current facility layout. Free Weights | Circuit Training | Aerobics Room | Cardio Machines |
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So I have placed them in a first places on both sides, The reason why the machines are installed on both sides was it will keep visitors on their side and decrease the time of walking to change the machines and also it will not create chaos.
We have introduced one new Machine (Trampoline 4), two new services (Power yoga & Breathing Yoga) and one extra facility for convenience of our customer (Shower and Toilet). Now we have wider range of variety with the minimal cost.

Trampoline was a need of our customers which they were expecting from us to deliver from long period of time. This introduction is basically designed for the section of people who wanted to work out whiles their children doing some exercises too in a same gym. And also for those busy customers who have little time and they are not into doing some heavy exercises.
Power yoga & breathing yoga will be taught by one full time instructor in our gym. As some of our members suggested us to use our off-peak time which was completely neglected by us. So, now we have introduced breathing Yoga exercises targeting housewives who are free at home during afternoon and want to do something useful to stay fit & healthy. And the same instructor is going to teach and train people in practicing power yoga.
Our staff members and management have decided to give weekly maintenance contract to the external service agency that will look after the machines and make sure all the machines and equipments

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