Essay about guys vs suvs

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Professor Truong
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24 March 2014
As the years have gone on we have seen many changes in the differences and roles of gender. Little have we thought of seeing cars taking a role of gender, in this case an SUV. SUVs have taken the role of a male with a feminine touch. Dave Barry’s Guys vs. Men is a funny, interesting and in fact true effort at explaining who guys really are, and why they are that way.
Reptile Dreams focuses more on characteristics of an SUV that reflect the characteristics of men. Both authors produced a strategically strong essay in reference to their point of view with their own personal touch using a topic that they know most about.
Dave Barry, the author of "Guys vs. Men" projects
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Another observation that Barry had was that Guys are less likely to spend less time thinking about their most deep innermost feelings, unlike women where they are constantly in touch with their emotional feelings and thoughts. Rapaille describes teens very well by commenting that “They want to give the message,
’I want to be able to fight back, don’t mess with me.’” Clotaire seems to sum up the thoughts of the American youth very well, at least for the most part. Rapille interested are focused in tanks, guns, cars and other "manly" things. It is not likely that a women would be interested in the same type of things. Therefore the strategy that he uses convinces the readers that men and women don't have the same interests, which in most cases are true, with a few exceptions. For example Rapaille has helped the car industry by finding out what consumers want, and providing important improvements. Rapaille agreed that the exterior of an SUV cant just look macho, therefore they added the feminine touch inside based on his argument. Rapaille said,
"The inside of an SUV should be Ritz-Carlton, with a minibar. I'm going to be on the battlefield a long time, so on the outside I want to be menacing but inside I want to be warm." (Reptile 100)
By examining both different interpretations and ideas of men in "Guys vs. Men" and
"Reptile Dreams", it becomes clear that men have two sides to them, a guy side and an men side. Reptile

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