Guns, The Protestant Reformation, And The Ming Dynasty

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Urgains G Vilsaint The trading of Guns, the Protestant Reformation, and the Ming Dynasty changed the world positively and negatively. Without these events, the face of the world would not have been the same. Since the 1450’s to today, one of the main things that has changes and shaped the world is the trade of guns and gun powder. Guns are good because they help Countries take over territories. Hernando Cortez used guns on his travelled and with the help of horses, diseases and guns he was able to conquer the incas. It was a positive for Cortez and his guys but I cannot say the same for the Inca Indians. On the other hand, trading guns and gun powered was a terrible idea because it helped in capturing and brining slaves over to the New World; in addition, imagine how many rich and thriving civilizations we would have around today if guns did not exist. Imagine if Cortez never took out the Incas, how the face of Mexico, Texas and the South would look like? Imagine how strong Africa would be if all the powerful man and woman were not captured and made slaves. Guns are …show more content…
Guns brought people together thru trading and growing their empire. At the same time, gun separated families, destroy cultures and changed the world. The protestant reformation strengthen the catholic church and help them become more spiritual, but at the same time it took the lives of many who wanted to fight for their religious freedom. Trade is always good and The Ming Dynasty was smart to open up its borders, but at the same time, they try to pretend to have more power then they actually had and started loosing money. If guns were never invited, I believe the world would be a safer place. If the Protestant Reformation did not occur, most people in America would have been Catholic. If the Ming Dynasty did not open up its borders, we probably would have discover silk much later in

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