Essay Guns Promote Self Defense And Safety

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America’s freedom has been unsecured because of people’s ability to gather and pick up firearms trying to protect what they believe the most. “Man has the Right to bear arms” these seven words mean a great deal too many Americans. When people struggle for gun control they are basically asking the criminals to attack them. Many sensible Americans just want the protection a gun provides and there are people serving our nation in defense our rights as proud Americans. Guns promote self-defense and safety. Many people interpret “right to bear arms” in a number of ways; to see why people with guns are regarded as criminals. Guns must be visualized as a tool and tools are used for a purpose and our right to have guns is for a protection against dangers around us. When we speak about gun control, we often start debating about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Gunmen are a necessary evil in this world.
Many people react to our 2nd Amendment as an unfair and cruel law, and all who stand with it are classified as major criminals just because they support an age old law written when our country was created, but just cause a really old gun control law to exist firearms protect us from other people with firearms. We do not need a strict gun control law what we require is a gun regulation act to make guns a bit safer like owning a car. We stand to tell ourselves why owning a gun can make us safer when we say it is not about using our gun as self-defense or to hunt for sport but as our…

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