Guns On Campuses Should Be Allowed Essay

1296 Words Dec 17th, 2015 null Page
Firearms on Campuses Should be allowed Have you ever wondered why so many school shootings happen? Have you ever wondered why nobody has ever really defended themselves from an attack? Well how are you supposed to defend yourself from somebody who has a gun and you are just there defenceless. I think that a way to protect yourself and your students is by allowing teachers and administrators to have firearms on campuses. The firearms on campus are an intimidation factor to anybody who has the idea to do things such as shooting up a school. Why shouldn’t students and/or teachers be allowed to defend themselves on campus? In the constitution it says we have the “right to bear arms,” yet we cannot bring weapons on a campus. In this paper I will discuss why guns should be allowed on campuses. Some schools have laws in progress for allowing guns on campus or already have the laws in place. You do not have to like guns but when it comes down to a life or death situation would not you want you or a loved one to be able to protect themselves or the lives of others? I do not think that somebody’s life should be put on the line because somebody is too stubborn to realize that students and teachers need to be able to protect themselves.
Although I believe that guns should be legal on campuses many believe that they should not be allowed because they are unsafe to the students and to the other faculty and teachers. People tend to think that allowing guns on campus will increase the…

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