Essay on Guns On Campus : A Terrible Thing For Humanity Today

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Guns on Campus

Crime is a terrible thing for humanity today due to so many people carrying guns. The safety of human being must be brought to everyone’s attention. There are several reasons why allowing guns at colleges and universities are dangerous to people. First, the guns would lead to an escalation of violent crime. The students will get rob on their way to class. The campus does not have metal detective to screen the student. Some student will be carrying guns without legal papers to carry them. The crime in the New Orleans campus is not as bad as the violence that took place at another campus. We should all remember that a bullet has no name on it. When the students leaves class late at night, they could be killed over little things as their tennis shoes, clothes, or even if they think the students is carrying money. The violence is getting worse around the world. “All fifty states allow citizens to carry concealed weapons when they meet certain requirements … only nineteen states has banned carrying a concealed weapon on college campus…and Louisiana is one of them.” Violent on any campus should not be tolerated and putting the faculty and staff in danger as well as the students. Additionally, a student could snap when someone makes him or her angry. Students will get angry at the smallest thing if they are allowed to bring guns on the campus. We really don’t know what state of mind a person is in and if they are carrying a gun. Some of the students could have…

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