Guns Of The United States Of America Essay

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The continued existence of the United States of America involves guns. Guns have played a role in everything from the revolutionary war to the current war being fought in the Middle East. If the American colonists had been successfully disarmed, there would be no America. Guns safeguard the idea of freedom in America. Laws controlling the manufacturing, sale, and use of firearms should not be passed to ensure that Americans have the ability to defend themselves against individuals, Terrorism, and their own government if necessary.
Criminals have played a part in every society since the times of Mesopotamia. Supporters of gun control often say that complete or partial disarmament of the civilian population would reduce crime rates by keeping guns out of the hand of criminals. While this sounds completely reasonable at first glance, results show the opposite. For example, in January of 1997, a handgun ban was put into effect in England as well as Wales and both saw their gun violence rates soar until they hit an astounding 50% increase in 2010 (Lott). Ireland has also seen a huge increase in crime with their violence topping out at more than 1.6 murders per 100,000 people, compared to less than 0.4 murders the before the ban took effect (Lott). In Switzerland, it is considered not only a right but a duty to own and carry a weapon (Bachmann). Switzerland also boasts an extremely low crime rate, nearly 4.5 murders per 100,000 people in 2010 (Bachmann). Nearly every major city…

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