Guns Getting Into The Hands Of People Essay

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The overall purpose of the gun control policy is to reduce the number of guns getting into the hands of people who are not legally licensed. Depending on the state, it also may or may not be required that you do a background check or have a license for gun purchases. For example, in the New York State, background check and having a licensed for gun purchases is required. However, in a state like Florida, background checks or having a license for gun purchases is not required. Despite this idea of background checks for gun purchases, there is also this idea of high-capacity magazine ban that prohibits people from selling and owning guns with high capacity as they are able to kill people rapidly because they do not need to be reloaded as fast. This policy not only exist to reduce the number of guns getting into the hand of people who are not legally licensed, but also to reduce the number of gun deaths.
The gun control policy does prevent harm from occurring in communities. According to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, “Many types of guns laws are effective at reducing gun deaths and injuries, keeping guns away from criminals and other prohibited people, and fighting illegal gun trafficking.” This proves that having gun laws do work in decreasing gun violence. Although this is the case, this is not to say that because of gun control policy, there is still not a lot of gun violence happening. This is rather to say that this policy does to a certain extend help prevent…

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