Guns Don 't Kill People Essay

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weapons of the world
“Guns don 't kill people, people kill people”. Not a single soul on the earth, hasn’t heard about or read this quote from the NRA. Some people believe it, and some would think that it settles this old debate about gun control. Others would say it 's preposterous, a terrible analysis of how to solve such a problem; however, I found it difficult to find a solid consensus regarding what exactly is wrong with it. First and foremost I am a person who greatly appreciates both sides of the gun control argument; however, if I were to convey which side I relate with the most, it would be those opposing of gun control. Now before you stop reading this paper because you love gun control and guns are bad and we should protect the children and what not, but having strict laws emplaced for guns can be quite useful, and should infact be implemented in today 's society. There are numerous cases/tragedies in today 's life where “guns” have ruined the lives of families. But is it really the “gun” doing all this damage.
Some Millions of years ago, when humanity was just starting to flourish around the world; came the creation of a certain weapon. The rock. Yes the rock, scary right. However, first we must look at how a stick can become a dastardly weapon for humans. A homosapien who lived his life searching, and hunting for food, would also be hunted. Therefore the human species devised a brilliant way to “kill two birds with one stone” and invent a weapon. They took a…

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