Guns Don’t Kill People, Idiots with Guns Do Essay

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Guns Don’t Kill People, Idiots with Guns Do

My mother had a bumper-sticker that read, “I have the right to arm bears,” a play on words, of course, to the second amendments, “The right to bear arms.” As an advocate of Gun Control, she found that hilarious. Between advocates and antagonists of the “right to bear arms,” there are two primary and opposing interpretations of the second amendment. Proponents interpret it to apply to the individual, while antagonists believe it guarantees a collective right, not an individual right to bear arms. There is law to support both sides. I am not going to argue the merits of either view from a constitutional perspective; instead, I want to show that firearms in general are an impediment to
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Among these 23 countries, the U.S. accounted for 80 percent of all firearm deaths; 87 percent of all children under 15 killed by firearms were American children” (Par. 4, 5). I’m sure that anti-Gun Control advocates would say that it only stands to reason that the country with more guns will have more deaths by guns. But, isn’t that the point. Why do we need so many weapons in this country? The answer is, we don’t. Maybe we need to limit the number of guns people are allowed to own. Frum relates some additional, supporting statistics, “A gun in the house minimally doubles the risk that a household member will kill himself or herself. (Some studies put the increase in suicide risk as high as 10 times.) An American is 50% more likely to be shot dead by his or her own hand than to be shot dead by a criminal assailant. More than 30,000 Americans injure themselves with guns every year” (Frum Par 10). A good many of these injuries are inflicted by children, usually to other children. The statistics on gun related deaths related to children are truly appalling. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, “there were 3,889 homicides in 2010 committed by children between the ages of 15-24.” This ranked second in deaths for that age group only to accidental traffic accidents (Office of Statistics and Programming, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control). These are just a few of the statistics that show the death and

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