Guns Don 't Kill People, By John F. Kennedy And Martin Luther King

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Guns vs People
“Guns don’t kill people; people kill people”. It is a phrase often heard among the opponents to gun control in the United States. Weapons have been seen as an element of subsistence or defense against any threat, and every day we hear or see related violent crimes involving firearms. Even though police have made a great effort to control the rate of violence in some cities or towns, the situation is coming out of their hands. Through history, there have been some events and series of crimes in the United States which led the creation of laws that regulate or prohibit the use of weapons. Although, the use of guns was common during the Colonia, the gun 's use was restricted to avoid Native American or slaves ' insurrections. Later, the rise of gangster, and the deaths of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King served to make more stringent laws. After the shooting at Virginia Tech in 2007, debates about gun ban have increased especially among politicians, in a country where the arms industry generates millions of dollars annually. In addition the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut was the straw that broke the camel and President Obama urges Congress to toughen gun laws to reduce violence. In the midst of these debates, Republicans and Democrats ' presidential candidates opinions have emerged to gain voters and they have openly expressed their point of view on this topic. Therefore, while Democrats prefer to toughen laws on the use of weapons, Republicans led by…

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