Essay Guns Do Not Kill People

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Guns do not kill people. People kill people.There are a lot of reasons that gun control is not the answer. I am strongly against gun control, because I think that if we go through with these laws it will not help. I think it will increase the deaths by guns, and I do not want people to die, that is why I am against it. There are reasons that it will not work, like it’s impossible to get rid of the supply of guns we have because it is too large. There are disadvantages like people won’t have the right to self-defense, and guns stop more crimes than they cause. Also, the number of murders by gun has significantly decreased in the past twenty years, so why are we all of a sudden trying to pass these gun control laws. These are just a few reasons why I think that gun control is not the answer to the problem with the murders. First, there are many reasons that the gun control law will not work. “There is no possible way to extinguish the huge supply of guns in the United States alone.” ”6” There is just too many guns. “If a nationwide gun confiscation program was attempted, they would have to confiscate over 350 million firearms.” ”1” There would be a lot of guns that would not be confiscated and that means that a lot of people do not have guns, but a lot of people still do have guns and those people without guns are gonna be easy targets for criminals. Also, what would make you think that a criminal would actually turn his or her gun in? If they have already broken…

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