Guns And The Gun Control Movement Essay

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Phoenix, Arizona its 4:30 pm and a young 14 year old boy is babysitting his younger sibling. He hears the doorbell ring and at the door is a strange women he 's never seen before. Making a smart choice he does not let her in. An hour or two later the young boy hears a loud bang which he presumes is an intruder. He quickly hurries his siblings upstairs and waits for the intruder. Even though people think that firearms are bad and unsafe, Guns are vital to the defense of the people and the nation because the American people have the right to defend there selves and there nation and 2.5 million crimes are countered by armed citizens every year.(Hawkin) A huge foothold in the gun control movement would be the recent shooting including Sandy Hook, and Columbine shooting. Both were major catastrophes in America. They also are fuel for the huge inferno of gun control. As soon as the shootings took place, the people in the middle who weren 't pro or con jumped to pro gun control. Since "guns are bad and guns kill people" most of the time people forget to see that there is a person behind that gun pulling the trigger. Just as fast as these tragedies happened they could of easily been stopped by an responsible firearm carrier. With that information is no intention to arm teachers since both these tragedies happened on school grounds. The Sandy Hook shooter was mentally unstable and was not in any state to be owning a gun. But still had gotten his hand on some taking the lives of…

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