Guns And Black Power By Robert Williams Essay

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1. Robert Williams believed in”Negroes with Guns and Black Power. He believed violent self-defense because as he says, “I don 't think you could really have a defense against violent racists and against terrorists unless you 're prepared to meet violence with violence.” One of the things that set off this movement was when the KKK tried to make a black woman dance in the street at gunpoint like she was their puppet. Which led to the Black Guard as Williams says, it was the first thing that set of the Guard in Monroe in 1957. The whole purpose of black people carrying guns was not to intimidate the white people, but to protect themselves from which they were constantly going through. The two young white boys that went to jail for kissing a white girl and the black pregnant woman almost being raped are examples and evident to why the black people needed to defend themselves with guns.
2. He had a role in the Civil Rights Movement struggles in the 1960s. He was very much associated with the case of the pregnant black woman that almost got raped by a white man. The case was dismissed with no charges against the man and the woman treated as nothing. He made a statement after the trial of the pregnant black woman saying, “if the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution cannot be enforced in this social jungle called Dixie, it is time that Negroes must defend themselves even if it is necessary to resort to violence. That there is no law here, there is no need to…

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