Essay on Gung-Ho Means “Work Together”

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Gung-Ho means “Work together”

Gung Ho demonstrates a cross-cultural relationship between the Americans and the Japanese people working together towards the goal. In this movie, a Japanese car manufacturer company takes over an American car manufacturing plant. The American workers were in conflict with the Japanese style of management.

Hunt Stevenson takes the leadership role and becomes the liaison between the Japanese executive team and the American workers. At first, the workers were working at their usual pace and did not meet the productivity numbers as expected.
Before the arrival of the Japanese executives, the organization structure of the plant was “Work Specialization”.
• Every worker was
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They do and Keaton befriends Kazihiro, the executive in charge of the plant, as they experience production and labor problems, mostly as result of cultural differences. At various points in the film, each protagonist bemoans the fact that “I am not a leader”. Their ethical leadership, however, is demonstrated again and again by keeping their eyes on their common vision, caring about their followers, finding cooperative approaches, and inspiring confidence by standing up for what they believe in. Surprisingly several useful lessons about the simple truths of cooperative leadership which in the end overcomes a deep cultural divide can be learned by watching this film.

Hunt's major concern is for his people, and this brings him into direct conflict with his Japanese bosses. He is concerned with production only to the extent that meeting goals helps him keep his job. By contrast, the Japanese management style shown here is concerned with production. To these leaders, personal satisfaction comes only from meeting quotas. Hunt's leadership style helps bring these two diverse cultures and leadership styles together. Yet, were he more sensitive to the differences, he might have been able to make the transition go smoother. He lacks some perception, empathy for different ways of doing things, and an openness that might have facilitated the process. In the end, however, his leadership style and example inspires

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