Gunboat Diplomacy Essay

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Theodore Roosevelt’s was a President who believed that the United States should be a strong country by military strength. He believed that that we had to a power in the world and a force in the world. Roosevelt wanted a two ocean navy. He wanted a navy that could come and go to the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean. With the idea of wanting power in the both oceans he began plans for the construction of the Panama Canal. This is where the essence of the Gunboat Diplomacy comes in. Gunboat Diplomacy involves intimidation by threat or use of military force. He ended up taking Panama and then leaving the Congress to debate the situation out and while debating was building the canal.
The invasion of Panama to depose Manuel Noriega was the root of
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The only problem was that it belonged to another country.
The Isthmus of Panama was a backwater, an inconsequential country province with no pretensions of independence. The entire project for independence was a proto-type for the kind of covert CIA operations Americans would be famous for in the Third World later in the century. An American “adventurer” intrigue with locals who declared their independence from Columbia, which was back down from reclaiming the area by an American Gunboat. The new Government of Panama immediately signed special agreements with the United States that basically gave the United States Government rights to intervene in Panamanian affairs, but which gave the Panamanian Government the much needed credibility it needed by granting it diplomatic recognition. What proceeded to develop was a dictatorship, which became a key-feature of the client states the United States would prop up.
Under the principles of the Monroe Doctrine, the United States assumed a position of hegemony over the countries of Central and South America. It was for the purpose of sustaining this hegemony that American troops have been sent to Cuba, Haiti, Grenada, Guatemala, and Mexico. American intervention in Guatemala and Nicaragua is directly responsible for the civil war that has raged in those two countries for 75 years, in which hundreds of thousands of basically innocent people have

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