Gun Violence On College Campuses And Educational Facilities Essay

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With the apparent escalation of gun violence on college campuses and educational facilities, and the current ability of the news media to notify citizens as it occurs, the topic of protection and prevention is a high priority in the country. Understandably, due to the foreboding anticipation of such tragedy occurring again and again throughout time, the subject will not rest, but how it is addressed and transmitted through our culture is of significance in society. As expected, many express their feelings and position on gun violence, from legislatures and law enforcement to NRA members, parents, and citizens. Following the Virginia Tech killings, continual debates occur over the best method to protect those in educational facilities from harm. Government bills are being debated in legislature and security measures are enacted on educational campuses and facilities with the goal to provide safe environments. Conferences are held and dissemination of informational material assists in determining the best course of action to ensure protection. One example is an essay written by Jesus M. Villahermosa Jr. in the April 18, 2008 edition of Chronicle of Higher Education, addressing gun laws in wake of the recent shootings and using his personal background and knowledge as a current SWAT team member with more than twenty five years in law enforcement to argue that guns should stay in the hands of law enforcement officers only. Villahermosa’s argument that allowing concealed guns on…

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