Gun Violence Has Become Rampant Around America Essay

1396 Words Oct 17th, 2016 6 Pages
Gun violence has become rampant around America. Recently, the local community of Orlando was impacted by the effect of gun violence, which brought the problem closer to home. The increase of gun violence has prompted local and state authorities to address the issue, yet there has been no definitive solution to the crisis. There has to be legislations put in place to prevent further victims of gun shots.
The recent uprising of gun violence has many politicians and citizens talking about gun control. During the past few years, many people have lost their lives to gun violence. Beck (2016), talks about the endless violence throughout history involving guns. She mentions how people are lobbying for gun control as well as Government leaders who promise to offer some type of solution that would prevent horrendous acts of brutality linked to firearms. However, there is the opposite force, which is the National Rifle Association that is also lobbying to prevent stricter gun control. Beck (2016) also stresses on how gun violence has been a major player as back as the massacres that took place at Sand Creek, the battle Seven Oaks in Canada, and the massacres that took place in at Wounded Knee. Despite all the aforementioned violence, the government has not been able to pass laws that can eradicate the problem. One can wonder is there will ever According to Beck (2016) “Our governments can enforce a thousand laws on gun control and this problem would never get better. In fact, it would…

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