Essay Gun Violence And Gun Control

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According to the Second Amendment in the United States Constitution, citizens of the country have the right to keep and bear arms. However, this topic has recently become more and more controversial. Some people state that guns are dangerous, therefore a simple citizen should have no use for one unless they have ill intentions. Others believe that guns are a necessary part of society for people to protect themselves and those around them. Lately, many debates have been held concerning this topic. Gun violence has become more widely spread throughout the United States, and people want to feel secure whether it be because laws prohibit the use of guns or because they can protect themselves using the same weapons. After horrific events of gun violence such as Sandy Hook and the Oregon shooting, the population is searching to discover which is necessary: more guns or less? Although people on both sides of the argument are often very passionate about their ideas, only one side has a prevailing amount of substantial evidence that proves it has the most successful solution. Less gun control is necessary because the Second Amendment was created to protect this right, gun control gives the government far too much power, the more common carrying of guns would deter crime, and gun control has proven to be ineffective throughout history.
Any more gun control would infringe greatly upon the Second Amendment which allows citizens the right to bear arms. Gun ownership is a key tradition…

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