Gun Violence And Gun Control Essay

1260 Words Oct 30th, 2015 null Page
recovered in most cities are purchased out of state, and another third are purchased in the same state but outside the immediate vicinity (Wintemute 3). Background checks are necessary in order to put a stop to gun violence and mass shootings. Americans do not realize that this issue is serious and most of them are biased toward the subject but statistics prove that gun control needs to go into effect. “In one year 31,224 people die from gun violence. 12,632 are murdered” (Grundwald 2). People tend to look at it as just as a number when viewing statistics such as gun violence but they need to just think about it more. Over 30000 people die a year that is too much many families are affected by it. If it doesn’t affect one person they tend to be on the side that gun control is a bad thing until it happens to someone they may know then they consider joining the campaign for gun control. However many believe that if they don’t have a gun when someone else does and they are causing terror with it they are a sitting duck. This may be true as the black market is a factor that is part of the whole gun control process. But other countries in the world ban guns and purchasing guns such as Japan. They ban guns and purchasing them and they are one of world’s most peaceful countries. There are arguments that counter that statement but the ban of guns in Japan is not only reason they have fewer violence in the world it is also the Japanese probably have higher morals that Americans.…

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