Gun Violence And Gun Control Essay

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1. Attention-Getter: A gun is to death as lighter fluid is to fire!
How many of you agree?
2. Personal Credibility:
On June 5th 2016, my friends and I attended a party. As we were about to leave this party our night took a turn for the worst. Multiple vehicles arrived and the occupants jumped out and began shooting. As we barely got away multiple rounds of ammunition were fired into our vehicle. My best friend being the driver was shot twice. My three other friends and I were in the back seat dodging bullets and holding on for dear life.

3. Thesis and Preview:
To reduce gun violence and the result of firearms getting into the wrong hands of civilians, gun control should be enhanced and larger restrictions should be placed on them in North Carolina.
A. North Carolina should require firearms report lost or stolen firearms.
B. Gun laws in North Carolina should prohibit the transfer and possession of automatic and military grade weapons.
C. North Carolina should regulate unsafe handguns and take action to reduce the number of guns.

Transition: Let’s being with reporting lost or stolen firearms.
I. North Carolina should require fire arms owners to report lost or stolen firearms.
A. In return this will reduce the number of guns on the streets and the authority involved.
1. According to the department of justice, “In 2012, 9,320 guns were reported lost or stolen in North Carolina”. What about that weren’t?
2. “In 2004, among state prison inmates…

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