Gun Violence And Enforcing A New Gun Control System Essay

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Gun Violence & Enforcing a New Gun Control System
Do you know when was America 's worst school shooting? Well I do, and it had only happened four years ago, and shootings here have gotten much worse today. That’s why I propose a improved gun control system in our nation. With the school shooting of Sandy Hook Elementary School back in December 14th, 2012, the U.S. hasn’t actually enforced restrictions on gun control. This outrageous, intolerant behavior of the government, has lead me to believe we should establish an improved gun control system that strictly allow who should own a firearm. Although it may take a while for the government to take action, we still need to unite and create a better gun control system for the sake of our country.
First off, the major cause that cause school shooting is gun control itself. Gun control is a very controversial issue today, because people can use it for self-defense, outdoor activities, or violence if it gets in the wrong hands. Ever since America’s worst school shooting back in 2012, the government still hasn 't passed a law about guns themselves. It 's ridiculous, since 28 people died in that tragedy, most of them who were kids! Gun violence has impacted millions of people all over the U.S., and with recent tragedies like the Orlando shooting, Christina Grimmie 's death, we the people still anticipate tragedies like this happening to us as well. Now then, what ties in with gun control the most is the Second Amendment, in which the…

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