Gun Laws Should Be Legal Essays

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Do you own a gun? Or are you in favor of the no gun policy that is being debated in The United States? Gun laws are currently being evaluated and debated due to the large numbers of massacres and murders by guns in the US. All in all, most people can agree that America has too many crime cases relating to guns. Something needs to be done, the question that has everyone stumped, to add gun laws or to take away gun laws? Our Founding Fathers would not have hoped to see America like it is today, they wanted a man to be able to protect himself and his family with a gun holstered to his hip. Gun crimes have continued to rise in the past ten years, and don’t see an end in sight. It’s just a matter of whether or not guns should be allowed in The United States. Debates have resurfaced after recent mass shooting that have led many Americans wondering if gun laws should be added or taken away to protect our cities.
SECTION HEADER Some American interest groups claim that stricter gun laws can prevent gun violence. Barbara Mantel, author of “Gun Control” from CQ Researcher says that debates have resurfaced after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. Adam Lanza entered the school and shot and killed 20 students and 6 adults, prior to that, he shot and killed his mother with an illegal assault rifle, owned by her. After the massacre, Lanza shot himself before police was able to detain him. Since the massacre, people have been protesting gun rights. The citizens of…

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