Gun Laws Should Be Legal Essay

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Guns are a very hot topic in today 's news, politics, and in everyday life, with shootings happening almost daily and people dying many agree that something needs to be done. Some defend guns fiercely and think that guns laws are too tough and strict. There are also people who believe that there is no use for guns today in society and believe that guns need to be taken away. Then there are those people who believe that gun laws need to be amended to fix the new problems being faced today. There are many different views on how gun laws can be fixed to cut down on the violence. If these laws would be put into place there would be a decrease in the amount of shootings. The best way to stop the violence would be to ensure that people with mental illnesses and criminal backgrounds are not able to purchase or have easy access to firearms.
The United States of America has always been a nation with firearms. In fact there has been an increase of the number of guns in The United States, and statistics have shown that violence with guns has not increased. It is a popular belief that more guns means more violence. However this is not the case. In an article written by Nicholas Kristof for the New York Times he stated that since 1993 the number of guns in america has increased by fifty percent and in the same time homicides done with guns have been reduced by about half as well (Kristof 1). These statistics presented in his article are significant because they prove that just because…

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